Saturday, 28 May 2016

2 Years of Blogging

Hi guys! In today's post I will be answering the Q&A questions and sharing with you my journey of 2 years of blogging. 

Blogging is not easy. I think I realised that when I was about a 1 month blogger. It's hard to get readers, it's hard to get followers, and it's hard to get a blog design. Obviously there are more things that we struggle in in the blogging community, but those I guess are the key challenges in my blogging journey. 

It all starts with a little button. 'Publish'. Once you click that button your work is on the internet forever, and I'm glad I had the courage to click it, because not everyone can. It's a beautiful thing to send your talent to the world, and it's beautiful that you get to meet people along the way. Bloggers, admit it, there's been bloggers you've met who's blog's you haven't been on for a long time. That's totally fine, and I'm sure it'd bring a smile on their face if you'd hit them a comment. Something simply like, 'Hey! Do you remember me', would brighten up their mood. Bloggers, admit it, there's been bloggers you've met who have quit who you'd missed a little, but a blogger who quits and never comes back, just isn't fit for it. 

I started off with posts called, 'Info Talk', 'FashionTalk' and things like that. If you're a blogger who speaks to me often, you'd know that I find literally everything adorable. Especially tiny things! Anyway, I think it was so cute how I came up with those ideas, I was so eager to make friends, have lots of comments that I didn't quite realise that 1) I needed to give it some time 2) Quality posts was what I need to work on. If you don't have quality posts, don't expect much readers, just think of every blogger as you. Just lots of copies. No one wants to read boring posts, just like you don't want to read boring posts. See, they're just copies of you. 

Everyone goes through that phase where you feel like you're not good enough. You think, well I'm trying my hardest...But no one seems to care. Well the truth is, maybe you aren't trying your hardest, maybe you're just so focused on getting people's attention, that it's affected your posts and most of all your understanding for..Human beings. Maybe you're not getting enough comments because you aren't commenting on anyone else's, or maybe, people have just forgotten about you. If people have forgotten about you, then you just simply work your way up to the position you was before. Think before you publish. Plan before you write. Read-over before you comment. What you give is what you receive. 

I dunno. Maybe if you're not crazy like me you won't for yourself having problems with other bloggers. But even if you hate a blogger, after a while you realise that there is ABSOLUTELY no point in arguing with someone online. Rude people do come your way, and ignorant commenters cannot be stopped. You just..Can't cry about it.

Being such the crazy person I am, I've had crazy after crazy after crazy after crazy ideas for blog contests. A blogger once told me that too many contests takes away the content of your blog. And that is 100% true, so anyone who doesn't agree with that..


Lol, anyway, blogging is all about content. It's all about sharing amazing things, and if you're messing about and having exciting stuff happen, believe it or not, your blog will become the place for games, and will have nothing serious about it. As so, I'm trying my hardest not to do a contest until BCA (Blogger Choice Awards) 

Please check out this post to find out how the BCA 2016 will be a lot better than the first one (2015)

2 years of blogging has been a long...Long.........Long....................Journey. Obstacles come once in a while, but gladly I leaped over them in success, and now here I am!

Thanks so much for reading this whole chunk of writing, now i'll be answering some questions. There's not that many, but then again that isn't exactly my fault. 

Chocolate or vanilla?
Vanilla all the way! I've never really tried any other flavour actually XD. I'm kinda simple when it comes to tastes. 

 Would you prefer to ONLY write or read for the rest of your life?
Hmm..That's tricky. I say read, although I'm very picky on books! If it's not up to my standards I quit it. 

 What is your blogging pet peeve?
I don't really have one to be honest!

 What is one thing you can't stand about the Blogger platform? 
Nothing actually.

 Favourite blogs to read?
At the moment I only have one favourite blog, and that's Little Teen's Blog

 Favourite member of Dance Moms?
I have two. Kalani and Nia. They're awesome!

Who do you miss on Dance Moms the most, out of Brooke/Paige/Chloe?
Aww. I miss Chloe! 

 What is your favourite Dance Moms group dance, ever? 
Bollywood and Vine! It's amazing!

 Least favourite school subject? 
Hmm, at the moment that'd probably be maths. But I'm not a big fan of geography. 

 Where would you die to travel to?
Hahaha, I would die to travel to...CANADA! Some of my family is there and so it'd be really fun. 

Why do you like blogging?
I like blogging because it's fun and gives me a chance to show off my talents. I'm free to do whatever I like, my blog belongs to me. And that's what I think is so cool about, is that you get to have a whole website to yourself, and no one can do anything to it but yourself. I also like blogging because I get to meet other people and I get to see other people's talents. It's just all about talent, and we're all little adorable kids! Well..Not all of us are kids XD

What are your favourite things to blog about?
My favourite things to blog about are pros and cons and rants...But not political rants, more rants about YouTube videos, YouTube comments and stuff young people are into. 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dear: Aunt Josephine From ASOUE

Hi guys! I'm back with another post about a book character from a series I'm reading called 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events'. So far I'm on the 3rd book, 'The Wide Window'.

ASOUE is basically about 3 lovely orphans who's parents died in a fire. Voilet is the oldest, Klaus in the middle, and sweet Sunny the youngest. Voilet is interested in inventions, Klaus is interested in books, and Sunny, being the little baby she is, is interested in chewing and biting things. Sunny is the one shouting things such as, 'Delmo!' and 'Twee!', as she can not yet speak proper english. 

The children have so far been on 3 adventures, as this is the 3rd series. A man is out to get their rich family fortune (Count Olaf) and will do anything he can to get it. For example, in the 1st series he wanted to MARRY Voilet to get it, see how nasty he is..

The children, of course were moved. But in the 2nd series Count Olaf came again, obviously disguised to not make it obvious. This time death was involved. 

Now in the 3rd series they're living with a woman called 'Aunt Josephine', Aunt Josephine is afraid of everything!

{ }


*NOTE* I get this is a book, I just thought it would be funny to talk about some of the silly things she says!

"This is the radiator. Please don't ever touch it. You may find yourself very cold here in my home. I never turn on the radiator, because I am frightened that it might explode, so it often gets chilly in the evenings"

Okay I get that you have fears, but these are orphans who have been through a lot...Count Olaf, the death of their parents, the least she can do is keep them warm in their new home! If I was one of the orphans, I would of put it on  anyway. 

Aunt Josephine was giving them a tour of their new home and so far appeared to be afraid of everything in it, from the welcome mat-which, Aunt Josephine explained, could cause some-one to trip and break their neck-to the sofa in the living room, which she said could fall over at any time and crush them flat.

How about telling them to be careful when rubbing their shoes on the welcome mat? Huh? It's incredibly unlikely that they'd fall over and break their neck. So I guess she'd just prefer dirt all over her floor boards. Oh wait is she afraid of floor boards? Oh wait is she afraid of the floor? 

If a sofa falls, it's literally 99.9% likely that it won't crush them flat. As you can't just crush a human flat? What does she think they're some kind of human balloons that just..POP?

"This is the telephone. It should be used in emergencies, because there is a danger of electrocution."

Woman, just pick up the phone! *phone rings*

*shakes whilst staring at it*

"Um...What do I do?!"

Once again. I get how you have fears, but what if the orphans want to call someone? 

"Those cans? For burglars, naturally. You might be as frightened of burglars as I am. So every night, simply place these tin cans right by the door, so that when burglars come in, they'll trip over the cans and you'll wake up."

Woman, you live on a hill near a lake. What cases of robbery have set place near your home? Oh wait...None. 

" Oh good, "Voilet said, "There's nothing like hot soup on a chilly evening."

"Actually, it's not hot soup," Aunt Josephine said. "I never cook anything hot because I'm afraid of turning the stove on. It might burst into flames. I've made chilled cucumber soup for dinner."

Sory 1 sec..

Soryyy I jus vomited at th cucum..
B right bck..

Sorry about that guys. But the chilled...cucumber soup bit just makes me so friggin sick! 
If I was Violet, being the oldest, I'd leave the table and command my younger siblings to do so too. Then I'd...I'd. Well maybe I wouldn't leave, I'd turn the stove on and cook something without her permission. That can seriously make you sick, I mean you can't have cold soup on a cold evening. 

"Are you sure you won't let us cook for you? " Voilet asked, as Aunt Josephine reached into the barrel of limes, "When we lived with Count Olaf, we learned how to make puttanesca sauce. It was quite easy and perfectly safe."

Aunt Josephine shook her head, "It is my responsibility as your caretaker to cook for you, and I am eager to try this recipe for cold lime stew. Count Olaf certainly does sound evil. Imagine forcing children to stand near a stove!"

Exactly! It's your responsibility as their caretaker to cook for them, but you're not. On cold evening you're making cold soup. When summer comes her fears will be appreciated! 

That's it for today guys, I really hope you enjoyed my post, I know I did! P.S, I didn't actually vomit, it was just for entertaining XD. 


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Straight Outta Pinterest

Hi guys! So recently, someone on Pinterest invited me to a board called 'so true!' On this board you basically just add relatable things. So I'll be sharing some of those 'relatable things' with you!

Add me ~ Rukiya S


And that's a little preview for the board. If you'd like to be added to the board, just let me know :)



Thursday, 12 May 2016

My Reaction To: Little Girls Roasting RiceGum #4

Hey guys! So today I will simply be reacting to a popular video. 

If you don't know who RiceGum is...Check his YouTube channel out!

 Although I'm not necessarily a fan of his, I still recommend his channel.

 RiceGum has recently been getting 'roasted' by famous people on (musers) such as Jacob Sartorius, Loren Beech, Baby Ariel, TheyLoveArri and more.  The reason he got 'roasted' by them was because of a video he made called 'THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED'. In this video RiceGum went on and on about how inappropriate some of the kids were, and how 'inappropriate' the songs were for them being young. To be honest, I could understand why they got mad, because he surely didn't say some nice things. I know I don't know them, but what I do know is that they used to have average lives, and all of a sudden they became famous, so it's not that easy to be in their position.  Since these people are 'famous', their fans are pretty annoyed at him, well in fact, they hate him.

WARNING: This video does contain some inappropriate language. 
But honestly...You can get through it, overall they're just kids.

-- 1st --

What I don't understand is why she's getting so worked up about it. And another thing I don't get is why she's gotta swear so much. Little girl, you're..8,9,10, or 161? Relax your mind and quit getting furious about a YouTuber. Jesus Christ, some fans are just crazy. 
Also, who told her it was okay to say the n-word? For goodness sake, even I don't say the n-word and I'm black. I don't think anyone should say the n-word, it was used in slavery (the masters called the slaves the n-word) which was QUITE a while ago. But then again, black people still say it, and people of different ethnicity's KNOW they shouldn't be saying it, so who does this child thinks she is?

-- 2nd --

I'm sorry. But this girl looks 5,6,7,8,9 or maybe even 10? She is way to immature to be making YouTube videos, and I'm pretty sure she's 6...
Again, calm down little girl. You're getting mad at someone who's done nothing at you. The way she's angrily, fully opening her eyes freaks me out...Like chill.

I have to admit...This made me laugh SO much.

-- 3rd --

And another girl says the n-word! 

"Eughhghi I just said that on camera"

Is she racist or what? I guess she says it off camera :-/

-- 4th --

"You never match your outfits like they're TOTALLY off-base"


-- 5th --

Hahaha, I have nothing to say.

-- 6th --

"Your just mad that Jacob's 13 and has more fame than you"

XD someone's stupid. 

"And guess what YouTube's not a job, there's something productive

And is? Where do I start? And it's not productive? Okay I'm done. 

-- 7th --

Someone please get her some tissues, what the flip? She isn't talking any sense? Do her parents even know she's making YouTube videos?

That's it for today guys! I think I'll be doing a series of 'reactions' this week, they're pretty fun to do!


Monday, 9 May 2016

Guest Post: The Violet Blogger

Hi guys! I'm so sorry for not posting lately, I'm running out of ideas, but gladly they're coming back. Expect a post this week! If that doesn't happen, my apologies! There will also be a contest happening this month, can't wait to reveal it :)


Hi there! I’m The Violet Blogger! ( I’m so excited to write this post

for Rukiya’s fantastic blog!

Sometimes it can be hard to get ideas for blogging, and every blogger has gone through that situation.

Here is my advice for when you have Blogger’s Block, and have no idea what to blog about.

1. Read Other Blogs- This can be a great way to get fresh ideas and also a make a couple of friends.

Read other people’s blog posts to spark your creativity or even write a post related to that.

2. Write About Previous Posts- You can make a list of your most popular posts, or maybe even a

continuation to an older post. This can be helpful when you are running out of ideas.

3. Go Outside- Take a walk, or do anything that gives you a little fresh air. Being stuck at home all

day in front a computer screen is not usually very productive, so go outside and you’ll probably

be inspired. Observe other people or things happening around you, which can also give you


4. Pictures and Videos- A picture is worth a thousand words. Post a picture on your blog and write

about it, or look at pictures that can give you good ideas. Or even surf trough youtube and find

something interesting to share with your readers.

5. Take a Blogging Break- Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you absolutely cannot write

with a good blog post. If this happens, take a break from blogging. There is no point in blogging

if your content is not good.

I hope this helped you with blog ideas. If it didn’t, just write a list like this. 

Awesome tips The Violet Blogger! Make sure to check out her blog guys. 

See ya.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Guest Post: Spark and Firework

Hi guys! I'm back with a guest post from Spark and Firework the two sisters, they blog at 
So make sure to check it out!


hi guys! my name's spark AND MY NAME'S FIREWORK! ok guys, excuse that.... my sister (who is obviously firework) gets a bit excited when we're doing stuff with new people involved...... xD. anyway, we're going to introduce ourselves so you guys can get to know us better. ;) so yeah. 

Spark (me)
so... um... hi? *laughs nervously* so, my name's spark (my online name, my real name is elaina.), and i am here to tell you about myself with my twin sister, firework! (her real name is elizabeth. i thought you guys might want to know that.) alright, so about me...

i am a completely band-obsessed twelve year old, though my favorite band has to be sleeping with sirens. i love meatloaf, and am a complete and utter waste in the blogging world. xD my life revolves around music, and i play the acoustic guitar at home and the violin in my middle school's orchestra. i have a very large vinyl/CD collection, and am about to add another vinyl to my 40-something vinyls. normally i can just be found in a dark corner screaming, "KICK KICK KICK ME WHEN I'M DOWN!" (a line from my favorite song.) while my sister tends to find me and (lightly) kicks me lol. 

and that's me for ya, folks. now here is my sister.... 

 Firework (my sister)

*crazy gangster mode* Yo, wassup peeps! *normal mode* So, excuse that, I do that a lot when I'm around new people (which is why I sadly have two friends.). Anyway, my name's Firework (or Elizabeth, if you want to be specific.), and now here is a bit about my very awkward self. :)

I don't really listen to much music, unlike my twin, but if I had to choose, my favorite artist is Meghan Trainor. Anyway, I am a geek.... and proud. xD I play softball and actually have been since I was three. I also have a crush on 5 Seconds Of Summer's Ashton..... *sighs dreamily*. Normally I live on the other side of the world in my mind, a world where I can just study in peace without Spark coming into my room singing, "REMEMBER MEEEEE FOR CENTURIES!!!" and making me almost choke on whatever I'm eating then. (last time it was a piece of pizza lol.) I also, when I'm randomly babbling on about stuff and people look like they're listening when in reality they aren't, I'll scream "NAAAAGYH" (idk why.) 

So, that's it. See ya around, and don't forget to follow our corner of the Internet. gee, firework, you sound like an ending of a danisnotonfire video. I DO NOT! um... yeah you do. *laughs* *kicks sister in the shin* ouch... what did you do that for??!!